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What is Digital Marketing ?

What is Digital Marketing? From definition, digital marketing is the use of new and digital media to market/promote a business or their respective product/service. With Internet as the medium and citizens as a potential audience, a business must aim to market their product/service to every single one of them efficiently, reliably and as soon as it can be made possible. For this, digital marketing is used as a promotional tool to retrieve information regarding the interest of the target audience, how to educate people about their business and a performance measure to improve further.

Moving beyond print media- Website as the medium for digital marketing. With a strategy for real-time marketing, businesses these days are opting for digital media as a mode of marketing their product/services or content. From newspapers and pamphlets, even though at minimal costs, digital marketing service has replaced all other modes of marketing. This does not only limit a business to only creating a website, but to also promote it using other social media platforms and search engines. Once India moves beyond print media like it did for books (e-books) and postal letters (mails), digital marketing will not only make promoting a business easier but also more efficient and yielding.

  1. SEO:
    Search Engine Optimization It is of foremost necessity to determine the value of your business website presence or page ranking in the search results of a particular search engine. This can be efficiently done through making your website content more reliable and useful and by making your website more attractive to target larger audience. And from this one may imply that getting your website on the very first page of the search results is the most important thing there is.
    A. Internal SEO:
    • Friendly URL: One must practice to use shorter and simpler URL with the domain name preferably same as the name of the business which shall make it easier for people to remember.
    • Title tags: It is very crucial to title each webpage of your website with relevant names and headlines.
    • Sitemap: A Sitemap is an XML file that is full of your individual webpage’s URLs like an archive of every webpage in your website. This file should be made easily discoverable from your website in order for search engine crawlers to stumble upon it.
    • Keyword rich content: Keeping in mind the relevance and requirement of the keywords for the content on your website, the body of the content must showcase the keyword 3 to 4 times with a mandatory occurrence in the heading and hyperlinks.
    • Custom error page: It can be a plus point to custom the error pages for your website to avoid broken links and impatient audience.
    • Heading styling: Proper heading styles add clarity to the site content and hierarchy of it.
    • Optimizing page: One must attach text/description to every image on their website (using the ALT command in HTML) so as to allow search engines to retrieve information about these graphics.
    • Inbound link: More the people click the direct link to your website, more traffic you shall receive.
    B.External SEO:
    To further increase the popularity and presence of your website, following are some ways out:
    • Directory Submission: A web directory or link directory is an online list or catalog of websites. That is, it is a directory on the World Wide Web of the World Wide Web. And directory submission is the process of submitting your websites to such directories which classifies information/content on your website and adds your website’s link to the relevant category.
    • Social Bookmarking: The web pages User bookmarks at social bookmarking sites are considered as a quality back link in the eyes of search engines. These quality back links help a business to increase blog/website traffic and Google Page Rank.
    • Blog Commenting and Participating in Q&A forums: By increasing your activity on social media platforms with B2P (Business to Person) and P2B (Person to Business) interaction, one can very easily create some serious followers and gain reliability.
  2. SEM: Search Engine Marketing
    One must consider the common language/terms or keywords that people use for searching content on web. This can be done by:A. Keyword Research: One can research the keywords and their variations and verify how many searches each keyword has and so, find the ones that you can use to target specific audience by understanding the many varied ways that people use language to research an idea or a topic.
    B. Google Ads: After researching your keywords, you can purchase them. This along with Advertising online is made easy by Google Ads. Google Ads is an online advertising services developed by Google where advertisers pay to display brief ads, product listings and content within the Google Ad network.
    C. Reports: One must use the reports about their digital marketing campaign to compare the traffic they had before and the traffic that follows them after they have done successful digital marketing.
  3. SMM:
    Social media marketing is the method of use of social media platforms to promote a business. Most popular and engaging social media platforms for promoting digital marketing are as follows:
    A. Facebook: Sharing public content regarding your business can be done through Facebook as a media- through Facebook Pages, featured posts and P2P sharing.
    B. Pinterest: One can research target audience according to their interests from Pinterest.
    C. Twitter: A news or trend regarding your business can go viral and reach millions of people through tweets on Twitter in an instant.
  4. Content Creation One business must regularly update their website content which shall imply that their website is active and so is their business. Also, it is important to keep their audience updated about the amendments that a business does time-to-time for better interactivity such as Terms and Conditions, New services and recent products.
  5. Display Advertising:
    With Infographics and Display Ads in trend since ever, search results from Google Display Network can help promote your business digitally and visually once you’re listed among their network.
  6. Webmaster Tools Google’s
    Webmaster Tool is now Google Search Console which is a free-of-cost web service by Google for Web mastering. It allows webmasters to check the activity status and an overall status of their business website along with those websites that are linked to theirs to understand and optimize their content and visibility further.
  7. Website Speed Tester
    To optimize your website more, one can use web services like ‘YSlow’ and ‘Page Speed’ to deduce the time that it takes for their website to load (especially in the case of traffic). Further, this can be used to improve the performance of your website and the number of views.
  8. Email Marketing
    Most of the Advertising and Promotional mails land into the spam folder of a User’s email account. However, email marketing with Newsletters to communicate a message to large audience is a never-dying and most traditional technique for enabling digital marketing.
  9. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is another free-of-cost Web service developed by Google that tracks and reports website traffic on your business portal. In short, how many people visit your website within a given period of time and how long do they stay can be statically analyzed using Google Analytics or any other Analytic web service.


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