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What Are Advertising Agencies ?

An Advertising agency is an enterprise that creates, plans and manages all aspects of a client’s business advertising. Advertising agencies can be a full-service or partial servicing agency that creates advertising materials like Websites, Online Directories and Social campaigns, Brochures, Catalogs, Direct mail, Print ads, Radio and TV commercials, sales letters, and more. And so, with a low-initial-cost start-up of an advertising agency, this business is set up to provide primary services to promote business rather than presenting the final products.

Pre-requisites for starting an Advertising agency:

Therefore, before you start your Advertising business, you’ll need to collect media status reports that list advertising rates, advertisement types and methods, interests of target audience and demographics and specs related to the product and also marketing strategies. Then, one must introduce the company to other enterprises and sales representatives at the media outlets you plan to use regularly and devise a framework of your past work, if you have been in the similar industry, to highlight ad campaigns you’ve worked on in the past.

Trade Publications:

• To stay active and popular in the advertising industry, one can subscribe trade publications associated with ad agencies to keep up with the industry events, trends, technology and future possibilities.

• Also, you will be able to increase your network, approach at trade conventions and maybe even participate in award-winning contests which will add value to your company’s credentials. The journey from an employee to being a boss is not easy and so, you must begin with a detailed business plan and operation’s plan in order to create a business out of an advertising agency. And at the end of a time interval, one must use the reports about their business campaign to compare the clients they had before and the clients that follow them after they have done a successful marketing.

Finding clients:

• After planning and setting up a business, it is time to find a client-base for your advertising agency and this can be done by a bit of a research about the companies that frequently require advertising and the competitor Advertising Agencies in the same industry and their clients.

• Finding new clients is important and so is the search for media contacts to set up media reports, advertising rate cards and advertising specs and save time on your advertising campaigns.

Digital Advertising:

• If radio, print and television constitute the three pillars of advertising mediums then the fourth pillar is Internet. Companies now-a-days are increasingly shifting their focus at attracting audience through advertising via an alternative media that is easily accessible, reliable and efficient, like the Internet; which means that there is a serious need for agencies that offer Internet or we can say, digital advertising services.

• Similarly, you can develop your enterprise into a virtual and online advertising agency. This one requires the least effort and minimum investment capital so as to have a presence on the web.

• Another option is to set up your website so as to enable the client to virtually build their ad campaigns themselves. This requires a great deal of website programming and database management to be done online.

One last tip for establishing a successful advertising business will be that when you’re trying to reach top decision makers to gain clients, consider meeting them in an informal setting. For instance, you can participate in or sponsor a local golf tournament. You’ll get an absolutely invaluable face-time to build a rapport before you approach them for business.

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