Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Project Name: Priyanka’s Dance Academy

Category: Performing Arts

Priyanka’s Dance Academy, founded by Mrs. Priyanka Rane in 1998, stands as the premier institution dedicated to the age-old art of Bharatanatyam in Goa. With a strong academic background and a degree in Law from Mumbai University, Mrs. Rane’s passion for dance led her to pursue a degree in Bharatanatyam from Gandharva University, Mumbai.

Under her guidance, the academy has nurtured numerous talented dancers, with 25 students successfully completing their Arangetram, marking their journey from novice to accomplished artist. Recognized for her contributions to the field, Mrs. Rane has been honored with the prestigious Goa State award, “Yashodamini.” As Priyanka’s Dance Academy prepares to celebrate its Jubilee year in 2024, its dedication to the art form remains unparalleled.

  • Premier institution dedicated to Bharatanatyam in Goa

  • Mrs. Priyanka Rane’s leadership and guidance have shaped numerous talented dancers

  • Recognized for contributions to the field, including receiving the Goa State award “Yashodamini”

Bharatanatyam Guru, Mrs.Priyanka Rane, lighting the diya at the opening ceremony

Our Contribution:

At MarkupText, we played a crucial role in enhancing Priyanka’s Dance Academy’s online presence and visibility. By designing and developing a user-friendly website on WordPress hosted on Hostinger servers, we facilitated easy access to class details, timings, and Guru information, providing valuable resources for students and enthusiasts alike.

Our meticulous design process ensured that the website reflected the academy’s ethos and services perfectly, showcasing its dedication to preserving and promoting the artistry of Bharatanatyam in Goa. Through our collaboration, we empowered Priyanka’s Dance Academy to reach a broader audience and further its mission of nurturing young talent in the region.

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