Web Designing, E-Commerce, Mobile App / Web Development and the successful launch of a Mobile App / Web are not for the faint-hearted. List your identity in this present Digital World

Whether someone wants to buy, sell, learn or explore, they go online to do it. In such a world, it is absolutely imperative for your company to be on top, digitally.

We as brand promoters acknowledge this fact and take care of your brand equity. A brand with grandeur can create miracles. We do that as a part of our strategy.

When the need is immaculate, professional and lively graphic design, you can’t miss MarkupText, the highly acclaimed graphics design company.

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Design thinking has become a buzzword. It is repeated so many times and defined by people in so many ways that most designers are still confused what design thinking is and should they embrace it when creating their designs or not. Here is how David Kelley,...

Smartphones are no longer an optional platform for you to reach people. Smartphones are in fact the most popular device in use right now. Most web users prefer browsing the web on their smartphones instead of their computers. Why? Convenience for one thing. Let's say...

What is Digital Marketing? From definition, digital marketing is the use of new and digital media to market/promote a business or their respective product/service. With Internet as the medium and citizens as a potential audience, a business must aim to market their product/service to every...

India has approximately 500 or more Digital Marketing Agencies active at the moment and there are so many agencies that are taking birth every single day, yet with no proper directions; Because it’s not an easy business and eventually, there is a rise and fall...

Business Advertising means to create attention to your business and its products or services through the use of various forms of media, such as print or digital media. Therefore, advertising provides a direct line of communication to both- your existing and prospective customers about your...

What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing, from its name, is pretty self-explanatory- it is marketing using digital tools. Digital marketing is about the type of methodology for which we use new and digital tools to market/promote a business and their respective product/service. Check out our article What...

An Advertising agency is an enterprise that creates, plans and manages all aspects of a client's business advertising. Advertising agencies can be a full-service or partial servicing agency that creates advertising materials like Websites, Online Directories and Social campaigns, Brochures, Catalogs, Direct mail, Print ads,...